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Avoiding Common Mistakes with Cherton Media

A marketing agency becomes essential in a market where the competition is high. With more than $30 billion in 2021 alone, invested in companies by venture capitalists, Blockchain is definitely one of these markets.

In all our business experience as a marketing agency, the most important way to success was a good product combined with good marketing. And by good, we mean a 360-degree approach. Moreover, good marketing isn’t that expensive always, so read this article without any cost worries.

Why do beginners fail in marketing?

For any business owner, there was a stage when they were a beginner. We all remember our mistakes and try to help others with advice. Most of the time that advice falls on deaf ears and that is the First Mistake. Those business owners who think they have figured it out all, and fail to consider others’ opinions are probably the biggest hindrance to their own success.

The second mistake is trying to reach as much as users as you can. This is a very common myth that you have to widen your userbase to sell more products. According to market research by Markin Blog, over 65% of revenues of a business occur from exiting customers. Further, Google says that it costs about one-third to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one.

That brings us to our third mistake. With time, every business wishes to expand to other verticals or services. The more they expand to other services, the more workforce is needed. Further, returns are also not that great initially. Instead of focussing on more services, new businesses should focus on being more proficient in their existing ones. Rapid expansion in verticals is the worst decision to make in a new business where stability must be given priority.

How does Cherton Media help avoid these mistakes?

  1. We are brutally honest.

At Cherton our first priority is to give you unbiased advice and there is a simple logic behind this. Without your success, chances of our own growth are slim. Hence, we strive to build a relationship that is based on trust and truth from the first day itself.

  1. Market Research

Jumping straight into marketing without research wastes your money and our effort. Initial research based on hard statistics is truly important with a list of expectations and goals. Every advertisement has to be based on clear-cut goals and is to be evaluated on the basis of key performance indicators. These indicators are readily available on-demand as soon as you contact us.

  1. Ads for Relevant Users 

Publishing ads just to note down their ad impressions is a waste of both time and money. We publish ads to users that are most relevant to your business. Such advertisements not only save your budget but also has the maximum impact. The conversion rates are multiple times higher than general advertising. Further, we look for users that are searching for similar services or products on the internet to make our ads even more relevant.


When you choose Cherton Media for your campaign, you get honest advice and realistic goals. These goals are highly data-driven and can provide you with relevant users. Our strategies make the budget of your campaign yield greater results than any other marketing campaign.

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