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Why you need a Good Website before Marketing begins?

What is Marketing?

Marketing is a serious effort in making your business visible to the general public and specifically to the relevant users. But before you begin your marketing activities, there are a few things you mus have in your website.

In this article we shall list why having a good website before any marketing activity is like winning half of the battle.

Website or Social Media or Both

If your business has even a remote digital presence, a website should be the first priority of your business. Apps and social media pages are good but nobody browses for an important need on social media. People always go on the internet to satisfy their needs. At such point, a website acts as critical source of information about your products and services. Social media can act as auxuliary but never replace the need of a website.

Whether you should have a website or social media or both depends on your business type.

If your business deals more in things that come under discretionary expenditure, a social media presence is a must. But if you cater more to the B2B category, a proper website comes as a priority and social media can be limited to just LinkedIn. 

Need of a Website During Marketing

During a marketing campaign a website becomes even more important. It serves to redirect all the clicks and traffic from your ads to your business. A website at that time becomes a single point of information for your services and products.

Further, landing pages should always be hosted on your business website and not on any social media platform. Even Blogger and Medium should be sparingly used. Why?

Because Data Analytics in Important

Traffic that is redirected to your website acts as a source of consumer data. Apply consumer behaviour analysis on it and you will get a detailed insight on which part of your business is generating the most profits or which part takes the least effort to earn revenue. These decisions are only available when you have a website that is integrated with SEO analytics. 

In case you are wondering which analytics tool you should use, try Google Analytics. If you need more advanced analytics, make a data dashboard on Google Data Studio and let your data streams feed it.

Website Acts as a Firewall for Spam

There are a lots of bots available on the internet. Most of these bots are indistinguishable from regular users. Websites that are based on wordpress can easily detect these using inbuilt plugins like Jetpack and save you a lot of trouble from bots and spams. 

Genuine users can solve a captcha and send you a query or book an appointment which can become a potential client. Remember it is essential to make onboarding journey easier on your website and not put too difficult captcha.


Websites are an important part of of a marketing strategy. They act as first source of information, host the landing pages for ads and also acts a filter for useful clients. These things are often overlooked and end up making permanent damage to the business that often goes undetected. 

With Cherton Media, all of these is handled carefully and executed with utmost care. Our professional standards are among the highest in the industry and we will ensure that you enjoy a peaceful time when your marketing strategy runs.

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